Text Reviews

Here are two textbooks I reviewed. These books are frequently found in the Adult ESL classroom. It's very important to evaluate your materials and know their strengths / weaknesses / and where the instructor needs to supplement.

Side By Side - Book 3 of 4

This textbook makes a nice communicatively conversation-focused textbook for use in the ESL classroom. I feel the students would enjoy using it with its ease-of-use, variety and interactivity, but I definitely feel it needs to be supplemented with additional materials and slightly modified for best results in English learning. The book provides a nice framework to use as a syllabus or nucleus to the class, and offers several interesting topics where the teacher can build on.

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Voyager - Book 4 of 9

This textbook is nicely done. Like all textbooks it could use supplementing, but it does a nice job focusing on reading/writing and trying to integrate the other skills within it too. It’s especially beneficial in that it pays lots of attention to strategies in the particular skills and encourages learners to be active learners, continually pushing them to think about and apply what they are learning.

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