lingoBudgeting for the Trip

Road Trips can offer endless possibilities … but not having the sufficient funds in your wallet could end the trip sooner than anticipated and could mean being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Don't let this happen to you!!

lingoCalculate the Expenses for the Trip
It's important that your trip is under the $200 amount. Go through your entire Road Plan and make sure that you don't exceed the amount. Make sure you include the following items:

  • The cost for gas (calculate gas costs)
  • The cost for food  - lunch and/or dinner
    (at least one meal will be at a restaurant)
  • The cost for items you intend to buy
  • The cost for your planned activities
  • Extra costs – Determined by the trip details and the research done online.
When you are done, embed this information in your group wiki project.

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