lingoCharting a Course

Before you leave for your Road Trip, it is very important to have everything all mapped out. You will be driving into unknown territory so the least you can do is come prepared with a detailed map.

lingoA. Plot the Course
You have a destination all picked out, so in your group, map out the entire trip with Google Maps. This will include the departure point, the destination, any side trips, and the location of all activities. (For instructions on using Google Maps, click here)

As you create your map, add in links, images and descriptions for each of the locations. This is important because your classmates and teacher will be looking at the map. They'll need to know why you have marked it on the map.

When you are done, embed this in your group wiki project.

lingoB. Asking for Directions
One important situation that you might encounter while on your Road Trip is that you might get lost or take a wrong turn. This section will help to prepare you for the scenario. Click here and learn to find your way.

lingoC. Continue With Your Planning
Use your group wiki project as space for you to collect all of the information you gathered in this section.

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Is it time to pull over for a rest?

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