lingoRoad Trip Planning

There are two basic ways to plan a road trip. The first is the organized trip, in which travelers plot out their route in advance, plan stopping points along the way, and make reservations in advance. The second is the open-ended method where travelers plot their route, but all other decisions are done spontaneously. Since we're just beginning to understand Road Trips, we will study the organized trip.

A. Resarch the Destination

On your Road Trip, you will have 3 road companions.
(Companions will be assigned by your teacher)

Your first task is to research possible destinations to travel to. So at your computer, separate from your group, use Google Search (For tips on "searching the Internet, click here) and the following helpful links to find the following:

  • possible location ideas for the trip
  • possible side trips to take, AND
  • possible activities to do on the Road Trip

lingoAs you search the Internet, please make sure to bookmark useful sites using Delicious, (For instructions on using "delicious", click here) and collect useful images and videos. You'll need these elements because in the next step, you'll have to convince your companions that you have the best Road Trip idea!!

Important Requirements:

  • The trip will be a total duration of 1 day.
  • It should take no more than 4 hours to get there. (unless the trip has multiple stops)

lingoB. Pick a Destination

Now that you have a location in mind with plenty of images, links and videos to convince your companions with, it's time to discuss ideas with your companions.

Enter (individually) this meebo chat room and start exchanging information and ideas with your companions. Please make sure your trip decision has been made before leaving the chat room. (For instructions on using Meebo, click here)

lingoC. Start Your Planning

As you add more and more details to your trip, (like information, links, videos, maps, pictures) you will need to keep track of it all in one place. Use this collaborative wiki as space for you to collect all of your information.

Click on your group page, follow the instructions for each section and enter in your plans in their respective areas.

Please note, you can use any of the ideas from the class collaborative page for your personal group plan)

Need help with the Road Lingo?

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Is it time to pull over for a rest?

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