lingoUnderstanding the Road Trip

The Road Trip is the classic American vacation. It's a fun way to get to know the country better, and visit places you never knew existed. This section will explain everything you need to know about the Road Trip.

lingoD. Examine the Road Trip
Go through these Road Trip Tips and start brainstorming for your Road Trip. Make sure to take notes on your tip sheet for possible ideas and comments- you'll need them later on. (Save the pdf to your desktop and use your Pen Tablet to make notes)

Next, watch these videos for Road Trip advice.

lingoE. Road Trip Knowledge
Study this important Road Lingo (vocabulary, phrases, expressions) that you will need for your Road Trip. When you are done, click here to test your Road Knowledge.

lingoF. Road Trip Discussion
You've done all the research into Road Trips. Now it's time to start thinking about the details for YOUR trip.

Start the planning process in this collaborative class wiki. Make sure to read the instructions, listen to the podcasts / read the stories, and below each topic answer the questions with your own thoughts. Feel free to add on / respond to comments your classmates have made. (For instructions on using "wikispaces", click here)

Please note, this is the area will we brainstorm as a class. You can use any of the ideas for your personal group page - explained in step #2)

It would be unusual if your Road Trip didn't present you with some "sticky situations". Take some time out and write about "what would you do" in this "Road Situations class blog".

Need help with the Road Lingo?

Click here to review some of the important Road Lingo you'll need for the trip!

OR, double-click any word on the page for a definition/translation

Is it time to pull over for a rest?

Need a break from all the planning? Click here and watch some fun videos of Road Trips in action.

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