lingoUnderstanding the Road Trip

The Road Trip is the classic American vacation. It's a fun way to get to know the country better, and visit places you never knew existed. This section will explain everything you need to know about the Road Trip.

lingoA. What IS a Road Trip?
A Road Trip is a journey on an actual road or highway, interstate, etc.. via some sort of automotive contraption (like car, motorcycle, RV, moped), with or without a solid destination in mind.

It  can be unplanned or impromptu, and can possibly include stops for exploration, sightseeing and resting.

Originally using the car meant getting from point A to point B.. but due to man’s love of the car and the open road, road trippin' has become a fast growing hobby and an adventure that everyone dreams of taking.

lingoB. Why are Road Trips important?
Besides being fun, relaxing, meditative, a time to bond with others and a relatively easy & cheap type of vacation to take, they’re becoming a fast growing hobby among Americans.

Road trips also are seen as a rite of passage. They, for many, are the first solo journey away from home, oftentimes cross state lines. The idea of shedding authoritative figures (such as parents and taking that great leap out on one’s own attracts many youngmen and women to saddle up and head out on the open road. This is due in part to the feeling of freedom one obtains when traveling the open roads.

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lingoC. What does a Road Trip involve?
What makes the ideal Road Trip is a debatable topic. Each person has individual preferences for what they consider to be the right way to do a Road Trip. Some of the components involved are as follows:
  • Where the final destination will be
  • How much planning should one include
  • How much money it will take for a Road Trip
  • Will there include any side trips
  • Who your road companion(s) will be
  • What to pack for the trip
  • What forms of entertainment to bring along
  • What types of Road food to bring / buy
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